Call for Fundraising for a Fish Farming Greenmap Project in Tororo, Uganda

Dear Green Map makers

I am Odulla Joseph leader of Tororo Green Map in Uganda. Many of you know our Green Map was the first one created in Africa. We have tried to create new editions, but resources are very tight here. Now, we are building a tilapia fish farm to help green our community.

I am writing to all of you the Green Map makers to request you to help contribute funds for the 12 fishponds we are building with community members in? Tororo Uganda. This project will help raise funds for Tororo Green Map project, and provide high quality food for many people. The profits will also be used to raise environmental awareness, promote tree planting and initiate friendly green sites currently missing in Tororo town as well as advocate for the removal of dangerous green sites in Tororo town.Some of the funds will also help support tuition for the youth Green Map makers in secondary and tertiary institutions.There is a proposal you can download at
We hope Green Map makers can aid us directly with funding, or help us find sponsorships, grants, etc. We have limited use of the internet, so cannot do as much research as we wish. We welcome your ideas, and hope you can help us.

In return, we are happy to name one of the fish ponds for you, or to plant trees in your name. We will also send progress reports to all contributors. When we make our new Green Map, you will receive a copy, too!

Hoping to hear from you soon,
Yours in the struggle to make this world a good place to live in

Odulla Joseph
Leader Green Map Tororo Uganda
e-mail: odulla 2000@ yahoo. Com.
Telp.: (mobile) 256-7743-41366


Hi Mapmakers,

If you want to help Odulla with this project, that’s great! Please contact him directly. I’m sure he will have some ideas about how to transfer funds there so they don’t lose too much value on exchange.

Or you may know a funding opportunity that he can apply to. If you download the proposal, you can send it to others who might be able to help. This is a good network, and we can support one another many ways.

We sent Odulla a computer last year, and Anand of Pune went to Uganda and helped Odulla with some applications and advice on GIS. Other Mapmakers have helped Odulla (and other Mapmakers who were struck by disasters, etc.), with other needs over the years, too. So I hope you all don’t mind that I encouraged Odulla to ask you directly over this listserv.

I hope in a couple of months, Odulla can share a progress report.

many thanks,

Wendy E. Brawer
Founding Director
Green Map System

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    *ok, which one of you goofs sent Texas a Canadian Cold front as a gag gift*

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